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5 Things Your Customers Really Want in a Coffee Shop


Coffee lovers everywhere are turning their simple mid-morning coffees into rituals and are expecting more from their local coffee shop than ever before…in the form of less! We’ve been putting coffee shops to the test in the latest research to help understand exactly what today’s customer is looking for from their local watering hole.


The Perfect Atmosphere

If you don’t know what hygge is, your establishment may already be starting on the back foot. Customers today are looking for a coffee shop that’s calm and atmospheric, so they can have a peaceful moment of caffeinating before heading on with their day. There are many ways in which you can manipulate the environment to achieve this peaceful and cosy atmosphere. Firstly, dim the lights so they aren’t too bright, then assess the music played to ensure it isn’t too busy and overwhelming.


Good Baristas

For most of us, our barista is among the first few people we interact with in the morning, so service really counts to the customer. If you know your café to be busiest in the morning you can be sure your current customer is the commuter and you’ll recognise the need for speed!


Comfortable Furnishings

Gone are the days of the busy and over-cluttered cafés. Today’s coffee lover wants to find a spot of serenity in their day. Warm up your coffee spot with soft and comfortable furnishings, giving people a break from their feet and a cosy resting spot after a long day! The more they feel at home, the more they will return – and probably with friends!


An Understanding for The Earth

We have all been hearing of the devastating effects that our caffeine addiction is having on the planet. Are coffee beans running out? How much damage to Earth is caused through coffee harvesting? A conscious customer wants to know how to help and it all starts with choosing reputable coffee shops. Demonstrate that you care with compostable coffee capsules and good quality beans.


Really Good Coffee

Above all else, the coffee lover who will return is one satisfied, so the flavour of the coffee can never be compromised! At Novell Coffee, we have over 60 years of roasting the very best quality beans and have developed a wide range of flavours and strengths so that we can give every customer that comes to your café their perfect cup. Each blend is made using the finest Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, guaranteeing irresistible flavour in every sip. Browse the full range here.

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