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How Coffee is Being Used for Mindfulness (and why your coffee shop might want to harness it)

Coffee has been having its biggest moment yet in recent years – in fact, less and less people in the UK are reaching for tea and opting for a caffeine buzz instead according to recent statistics. With more café businesses opening up on the high street than ever before, we know you like to keep ahead of the curve and on top of the trends – so get ready to get zen with this one!


What is Mindfulness?

This buzzword has been making the rounds in every aspect of life lately, from the mental health industry to clothing, eating and even interiors, so it is no wonder it has found its way to coffee.

Mindfulness is best described as taking a proactive attitude to reducing both physical and mental stress and taking the time to switch off to the world and on to your own health and wellbeing.


Why is it so popular?

The trend of mindfulness is rising just as the stress levels are rising in major cities all over the world. With an increasing population, companies ongoing commitment to the 9 to 5 life, increased commuting travel and a constant stream of notifications right there in your pocket, people are showing signs of stress more than ever. People looking for a quick, and relatively easy fix, will be pleased to discover mindfulness.


What is a mindful coffee?

The sad truth is that no one has time but mindfulness, when done in the right way, doesn’t need all day! To harness the mindfulness trend, acknowledge that you are selling more than a coffee to your customers, you are selling them a mindful moment. Be the safe haven that people want to discover by creating a natural, botanical, peaceful place for people to visit. Serve people’s favourite beverages, both hot and cold. Adapt your marketing to encourage people to invest in themselves with time, calm and coffee to refresh and get aback out there!


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