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Three Things Most Popular in a Coffee Shop Right Now

Most people are aware of the success of the coffee industry, especially in the vast consumption in Western countries. But, with coffee shops and cafés being opened on the daily, and often within close distance to one another, the competition is on! With the fast-paced world, and availability of social media too, there are definite trends within the industry. The key to not being left behind is to master them! Here are three things most popular in coffee shops right now.


An Instagrammable Setting

People won’t want to spread the word that they’ve checked into a coffee shop unless it looks impressive. Lots of coffee shops are taking a unique approach to marketing and are adding oddities into their establishments to encourage people to snap a photo. The following are the most snapped in coffee shops:

  • Plants
  • Cute, funny or relatable chalk board signs
  • Unique furniture
  • Mirrors with a message
  • Unusual mascots


Zero or Minimal Waste

How much waste does your coffee shop produce? The frank conversation about single use plastics has been big everywhere and the coffee industry is a huge culprit. Team up with sustainable cup providers and offer incentives to those that are zero waste, as well as providing information somewhere that’s visible for customers, who can learn of all the ways you’re being sustainable, such as using compostable coffee pods and accessories.


Coffee That’s Fair to People

With kindness being the most sought-after attribute for people and business’ alike, and with the rise in accessible information on the internet, sustainability, fair trade and organic beans are on trend. Where do you get your coffee from? Is that company open about their trade standards, their supply chain and the origin of those coffee beans and blends? If not, they might be hiding something. Find a genuine coffee supplier who provide fair trade, organic and sustainably sourced beans and celebrate that with your customers.


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