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Three Ways to Increase Office Morale

We understand how the office morale can hit a low in the period between the festive season and before the sun makes a reappearance for spring. As a manager or office manager, we’re sure you’ve also noticed that low office morale results in low productivity and limited communication amongst your team. So, what can you do to put a pep in their step? Here are three ways to increase office morale.


Remind Employees of Their Impact

Your employees do great work every day and each individual employee’s work surely impacts the business as a whole – but do they see that? When you work on the same things day in and day out it can be easy to lose focus of your impact. We’ve all been there – working hard but feeling like it makes no difference. Remind your employees of the bigger picture and show them that what they do each day makes a difference. Remind them of the company’s values and the good their work does and they’re sure to respond better to their working day and recognise that they’re important.


Turn up The Fun

Some managers feel that scheduling time in the office for fun reduces time in the office spent working and can hinder productivity but actually, in the long run, it’s the opposite! Increase time for fun and team building within the office and you’ll see that employees feel uplifted, creative and productive. It also means they feel more at ease with each other and more likely to lean on each other for inspiration or help. We recommend browsing some office Olympics activities or adding something like a basketball hoop or table tennis station to get employees up on their feet and re-energising themselves!


Stock up The Office Kitchen

What does the office kitchen look like at the moment? Are you neglecting your staff by not regularly restocking? Lots of employees note that the office kitchen is of more importance to them than managers might think. In fact, serving better coffee, ensuring an up to date coffee machine is fitted and providing some food for staff can increase working morale a great deal. Provide high quality coffee, compostable coffee machine capsules and some delicious snacks to keep morale, energy and productivity up!



How do you keep office morale up? We’d love to know your tips, tricks and advice.


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