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At Novell Coffee, we’re committed to delivering eco-friendly coffee pods to our customers - which is why all of our Novell system capsules are 100% biodegradable. These single-serve coffee capsules use the finest ingredients and are packed with irresistible aromas - meaning you can make every morning brew an exotic and memorable experience.

If you’re looking for a Nespresso-alternative, capsules in our signature range are renowned for their smooth taste and sumptuous flavour - offering a luxurious solution to your morning pick-me-up or serving as an indulgent after-dinner treat. Sustainable initiatives are the driving force behind what we do - so, on top of boasting a delicious taste, our coffee machine pods are also organic.

Check out our range of compostable coffee pods below to explore the range of fantastic options on offer - from our luxurious Intenso coffee capsules to decaf coffee pods which deliver all the flavour but without the caffeine kick. Simply pop one of our capsules into your home coffee machine and sit back as your mouth-watering brew is made.