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How to Successfully Remotely Manage Your Office Team During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has been sweeping across the world, and the country, at an alarming rate. As a result, advice from the government and Public Health England has been to put into action work from home processes for all businesses that can immediately and until further notice. Self-isolating and work from home topics have been trending for days in the UK as a result, as everybody begins to find their feet. Here’s our best advice for managing your team remotely during the Coronavirus outbreak.


Set Processes and Expectations Early

If you haven’t before set up processes for your staff to work from home, this will be a new experience for everyone. If you want to minimise disruptions to productivity it will be important to set expectations and processes early. We recommend one big conference call to determine who will need to work with who on what, what cloud solutions you will be using to all contribute to certain documents, who to call if you need help and the working hours you expect from your team.



It’s all too easy for yourself and the team to disengage from one another. When you’re not in the same room checking in with each other or asking the odd question, you’ll realise just how much you do communicate with each other on a daily basis. Tone and urgency is hard to grasp when not face to face so over-communication and over clarification will prevent issues arising.


Incentives and Appreciation

If the hard work your team does for the company doesn’t stop when working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, then neither should the staff incentives and appreciation. Regularly check in with your team, be reachable and helpful as they adjust, thank them for their work and let them know you’re grateful. Since you can’t bring them to the office, we recommend sending the office perks to them. Gift boxes, including coffee and other snacks for fuel, can be a great way to lift morale during this time and keep your team going!


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