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How to Use Coffee for Good in Your Coffee Shop in 2020

Coffee shops are no longer just coffee shops in 2020. In fact, many coffee shops are harnessing their space for good in recent years, becoming a welcoming venue to events, organisations and causes. Want to have a more community-led 2020? Here is how to use your coffee shop and coffee for good in 2020…


Become a Venue

Coffee shops have become something of a quaint and warm venue for events in recent years. Lots of coffee shops are seeing more new customers through hiring out their space to host events such as book launches, signings, open mic nights and more. It’s a great way to become part of the local community, support artists and local creatives and, of course, attract new footfall through your coffee shop!


Become a Local Cheerleader

Having your group of committed regulars is all well and good but does everyone in the community know about you? Do you know your community? Start getting invested in the goings on of your locals. Browse social media for the latest rallies, fundraising events and charity organisations and offer support where you can, be it a shout out on social media, a discount for local champions or contributing coffee and cake to their fundraising efforts. Becoming a local cheerleader feels good to do and is sure to attract new groups of people!


Combatting Loneliness

Western cultures, though good for many things, are beginning to see an increase in loneliness and isolation. Coffee shops all over the world are beginning to see an opening and are welcoming people in for ‘coffee and catch up’ sessions, providing a welcome space for freelancers and remote workers and are proactively encouraging socialising with table policies that allow strangers to meet and chat.


Coffee has always been powerful, but it is fast becoming a real force for good and change in recent years and with these simple changes to how you approach your local community, you can really use coffee for good in 2020.


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