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Three Ways to Make Sure Every Hotel Guest Feels the Festive Cheer This Season

112.5 million people amount of people will be travelling across the world this Christmas, visiting family and friends or taking the Christmas break away from home. In fact, 42% of Britons say they prefer to spend the holidays aboard! It’s an important time for hotels and we know how challenging it can be to create a home from home and a festive atmosphere during one of the most stressful periods of the year. Here’s how to keep up the festive spirit in your hotel this season.


Festive Atmosphere

Perhaps the most obvious way to bring the Christmas season into your hotel is to decorate. Whether it’s creating cosy spaces for guests to socialise, popping Christmas trees around the hotel or adding festive decorations in the hotel rooms, it can really make hotels feel more homely. It’s also an important time to remember that people may be feeling homesick on their travels so increase the seasonal favourites and popular Christmas food on the menu. Home comforts are all the more important this time of year!


Tis The Season of Giving

Christmas is all about generosity and there are three ways we think hotels can be more generous this Christmas. Why not increase the treats for guests by providing Christmas crackers in the restaurant and small gifts for guests to remember their stay by? You might also want to remember that guests will be in the process of gifting themselves, so be sure to have wrapping pieces available to buy to increase convenience and make it easy for guests to make donations to charitable organisations.


Festive Flavoured Coffee

It’s a busy time and travelling is tiring so it’s important to keep people excited and full of energy. Whether they are staying with you in a shopping capital to prepare or stopping nearby family and friends for the full festive period, there’s one thing everyone will need – coffee! Serve delicious high quality coffee when you serve Novell Coffee, one of the worlds premium roasters. And, for the evenings, serve all the delicious flavour of Novell Coffee but without the caffeine with our Decaf Responsable blend.


Spread the festive cheer far and wide this Christmas and your guests will make wonderful memories this season!

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