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It’s Never Been Easier to Go Eco-Friendly in the Office

It’s Never Been Easier to Go Eco-Friendly in the Office

We are coming to the end of one of the most influential years yet as consumers have demanded more sustainable and planet-friendly options in a great range of industries and areas but the food and drink industry, in particular, is thriving! According to recent research of 5000 consumers in Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the UK, the vast majority of people are taking sustainability into account when shopping and coffee is no exception. One in 10 Britons polled by Harris Interactive believe coffee pods are bad for the environment and 22% of them had a coffee machine.


Your Office has a Footprint

The reason this is so important and relevant to today’s business is because consumers bring that sustainability attitude to work and they want to see that the company they’re so proud of working for is also doing their bit. Research shows that in Britain, almost a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions come from businesses. Three quarters of workers at small to medium companies say that sustainability is important to them.


We’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes at Novell Coffee to deliver a solution to the sustainability issue of coffee and we are launching a product we are immensely proud of and we think your employees will be proud of it too.


Introducing No Waste Capsules

The No waste coffee capsules are an expansion of our compostables range but take sustainability one step further. In making our new range there are 0 commissions to the environment and 0 harm to coffee consumers, the capsules are 100% compostable and have 100% certified organic coffee inside and with a 45% reduction in packaging which is also recyclable. That means your employees can continue to love the authentic taste of Novell Coffee at the office with no cost to the planet!


What Does ‘Compostable’ Mean?

Through the process of combustion, the Novell capsule will eventually disappear. In a process that can take between 12 and 20 weeks (depending on the efficiency of the composting plant, taking into consideration things such as temperature, humidity and contact with microorganisms) it will become compost, which means no environmental impact at all. The capsule has been certified compostable under conditions of industrial compostability, complying with Law EN 13432.


Expanding the Flavour

Your office does not have to compromise on the flavours you have all come to love. Whilst our first entrant to the compostable market was available only in two options, our new No waste capsules are available in Intenso, Descafeinado, Ristretto, Cremoso and Piu Aroma. That gives a wide choice of coffee intensity and blend!


The Novell Coffee Way

At Novell Coffee we know that the world is changing, what people want is changing and we know that the world needs to change now if we are to protect the planet, businesses included. For us, creating these No waste capsules was the only way to be in keeping with our company’s values of tradition, quality and the greatest respect for our clients and the environment. It has never been more important to make coffee sustainable and planet-friendly, so we hope that other big coffee brands follow suit and that businesses just like yours support greener brands!



Where can you Buy Zero Waste Capsules

As with all of the Novell Coffee range, our latest product, the No waste coffee capsules, are available to buy direct from us. You can find more information about the range and its selection here or call us on 0800 157 7703 to enquire today!



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