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Coffee Trends Set to be Big in Autumn

The season is slowly changing and so are customer’s orders. When the sunshine and the heatwaves cool off, so do the cold brew and iced latte trends. When you know how to anticipate your customer’s orders, you’ll be better stocked, better organised and one step ahead of the other coffee establishments! Whilst coffee is a solid staple, something you can always rely on, the seasonal trends change with the weather. Let’s take a look at the coffee trends set to be big this autumn.


Pumpkin Spiced Latte

It should come as no surprise that the pumpkin spiced latte is the reigning drink of every autumn – with just one leaf crunched underfoot, customers will come flocking for a scent of the sweet beverage! Want to take the classic order to a higher level? We recommend you practice your pumpkin latte art!



We know that cinnamon is usually a big trend in the autumn coffee orders but it’s definitely too sickly sweet for lots of people. Rather than placing pumpkin spice and cinnamon atop your autumn menu, we recommend offering something a little more subtle to those who want just a hint of the autumn flavours. Chai is a great alternative because its softer and creamier, making a gentle foundation for a good coffee – but offering extras such as ginger or vanilla can completely change the experience for customers.



Borrowing a lot of flavour from Asia, autumn is all about these spices with a kick. Blending turmeric with hot milk and an espresso shot will give your customers something sharp to wake them up and really warm them up inside – and it’s worth highlighting the health benefits such as turmeric’s natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties! We knew coffee could be described as medicine!


Stay on top of these autumn coffee trends and you’ll be sure to have people queuing for your drinks in the new season! As always, coffee will only be as good as the beans and the blends so stock up on the premium roasts of Novell Coffee here.

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